Kali-Linux-Revealed(About Kali Linux)

Pursepose and Use Cases

These tasks and activities include: - Information Collection:Collecting data about the target network and its structure,idetifying computers,their operating systems,and the services that they run.Idetifying potentially(可能)sensitive parts of the information system.Extracting all sorts of listings from running directory services. - Vulnerability(漏洞) Analysis:Quickly testing whether a local or remote system is afffected bt a number of known vulnerabilities or insecure(不安全) configurations.Vulnerability scanners use databases containing thousands of signatures(签名) to idetify potential(潜在) vulnerabilities. - Web Application Analysis:idetifying misconfigurations and security weakness in web applications. It is crucial(重要) to idetify and mitigate these issues given that the public availability of these applications makes them idel targets for attacker. - Database Assessment(评定):From SQL injection(注入) to attacking credentials,database attacks are a very common vector for attackers. Tools that test for the attack vectors ranging from SQL inhection to data extraction and analysis can be found here. - Password Attack:Authentication systems are always a go-to attack vector. Many useful tools can be found here,from online password attack tools to offline attack against the encryption(加密) or hashing systems. - Wireless Attacks: